Friday, September 16, 2011

Carolyn Flynn Counseling Services : Two Downloadable books on Grief and Loss

Here is a shout out for my sisters new website: Carolyn Flynn Counseling Services  

She is really excited about it. In her own words:

"I have been putting my therapy techniques into book and workbook forms to help a broader number of individuals, especially those who can't afford therapy. I now have two downloadable books available on my website: "Heal Your Grief" a guidebook with 12 effective therapeutic healing techniques for coping with death and loss with special instructions on how to help children cope with grief and loss, and "How to Communicate Your Emotions and Desires" a communication workbook that helps individuals learn how to effectively express themselves. I will be adding more workbooks and other self-help products in the near future.

So spread the word and help those who need these services and information. Thanks!


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