Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Feel Good Again : Be Happy Now

One path to wellness or feeling good again requires the following:

Let go of feeling you need to be popular, young, amazingly attractive, perfect body, talented, perfectly behaved or rich. You don't need any of these things to be happy and feel good again. Let go of feeling like people who are in relationships with you need to be these things. Let go of controlling others or wishing they were different. Ignore the blaring media who makes you feel like you need these things. The media are motivated by money, not truth or reality.

Let go of feeling you need to be loved by everyone or even loved/liked by someone you care about.

You just need:

a. To be loving and happy to everyone around you. Always assume the best about people- give them the benefit of the doubt. You need to find ways to be with people every day. You have as many friends as people you are kind to and make an effort towards.  Serve people as needs arise. Family, friends and acquaintances are all needed. Join groups, play with your kids, go on a date, etc. Try to connect with each person through eye contact, sincerity, friendly touch and conversation.  But even watching TV with someone is better than alone!

b. Strive to be healthy. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and keep active in your daily life. Walk more places. Do active activities. Take the stairs. Take fitness classes or do workout DVDs. Don't sit at your computer all day.

c. Keep your environment clean and organized. Have certain times (daily) where you clean, organize and declutter.

d. Keep yourself clean. Take regular showers, keep your hair and nails looking nice.

e. Keep up with necessary tasks and errands such as grocery shopping, work or kids needs. Keep a daily planner for appointments and priority scheduling.

f. Pray daily.

g. Meditate to relieve stress, control thoughts and focus on the present. Think positive thoughts on purpose.

h. Get out in nature. Go for walks, go hiking, buy an indoor plant, sit on your deck and listen to music, plant flowers, get a pet, etc.

i. Set goals and take steps to achieve them. Acquire knowledge and skills. Contribute to the world in some way. Working with others toward a goal is best.


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