Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happiness Quiz

Happiness Quiz

Answer yes or no

1. I have forgiven myself and others.

2. I feel peaceful and optimistic about the future. I am excited about what I will accomplish.

3. I feel loved by God and others. I feel there is an abundance of love in the world.

4. I feel confident about making decisions.

5. I feel a sincere desire for the happiness of others.

6. I seek to understand others feelings and point of view.

7. I look for opportunities to help others and contribute to society.

8. I say nice things about others.

9. I am kind and patient with others.

10. I am dependable. I do what I say I will do.

11. I focus on uplifting or clear thoughts.

12. I face trials calmly.

13. I am humble, but confident.

14. I am grateful for what I have in my life.

15. I do my best work.

16. I focus on whats most important first.

17. I set goals and make plans regularly.

18. I complete worthwhile tasks that I start.

How did you do?


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