Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wellness Lifestyle Quiz

This is a wellness survey. Quiz yourself to see if you are living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Do you do one thing for yourself each day that you enjoy doing?

2. Do you hug or get a hug from at least one person a day from people you like?

3. Do you take at least one quiet break a day (to pray, read, meditate, relax)?

4. Do you have a hobby or interest that you really enjoy?

5. Do you belong to some social or activity group that meets at least once a month?

6. Do you ask people for help when you need it?

7. Do you do things for others?

8. Do you work hard every day to do and be your best?

9. Do you have someone you can talk to when you're troubled about something?

10. Do you look for opportunities to praise and compliment others?

11. Do you have a healthy liking for yourself?

12. When something doesn't go your way do you continue to think positively?

13. Do you remind yourself of your strong and good qualities from time to time?

14. Can you keep from worrying about something that you can't do anything about?

15. Are you able to talk about your feelings and emotions?

16. Do you enjoy your daily work and studies?

17. Do you try to resolve your differences with others?

18. Do you make a list and set priorities for the things you have to do the next day?

19. Do you set goals for yourself?

20. Do you exercise?

21. Do you eat a balanced diet?

22. Do you have a strong spiritual life and rely on prayer for help in dealing with things?

How did you do?


Linda said...

This was a good review on keeping one's life in balance. It helped me to see my weak areas. I manged to get 15 yes' and 7 no's - that 2:1 in a positive way. Thanks

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