Sunday, April 3, 2011

Overcoming Mild Depression

Your Emotional Power:Powerful Techniques to Optimize Your Emotions, Behavior, and BeliefsI started this blog to remind myself of ways to live to keep on track with feeling good, because it is easy for me to get off track and then wonder why I'm mildly depressed.

I post about the advice I have collected, or advice that I have read about recently that has helped me be more happy. Writing helps me to remember the information I have learned. I also wanted to use this blog to share these ideas and insights with others who may also want some healthy lifestyle tips.

I think there are a lot of people who suffer from mild depression, and or anxiety more than will admit, so I hope my blog will help you (or help your "friend" wink wink)  in some way. If I even help just one person than it will be worth it.

I scoured the Internet the other day for more blogs on my subject and I found this one.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite points in Steve Mensing's blog about overcoming depression. He is author of the book: Your Emotional Power:Powerful Techniques to Optimize Your Emotions, Behavior, and Beliefs.

1. Stop the negative internal chant (try meditation).

2. Challenge negative beliefs (see things from a different perspective). Believe in hope.

3. Don't label yourself or think critically about yourself. Keep an open mind. Accept yourself as you are.  Don't jump to conclusions, tell yourself that the jury is still out concerning who you are and what your future will be. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Be yourself with no apologies.

4. Sleep 7-8 hours a day.

5. Plan and commit to meaningful and pleasurable activities.

6. Improve your social skills and make plans with friends. Share your feelings. Sustain relationships even through the hard times. Join groups or clubs. Have long, deep conversations with people. Lighten up and laugh.

7. Make sure you are receiving the necessary vitamins, minerals and calories you need. Get more information here. He also suggests eating high protein foods with low carbs early in the day along with omega-3 supplements.

8. Get some light, either by getting outside, working next to a window or purchasing a light box (winter).

9.  Slow down. Work your life out so you are enduring less stress (doing less). Avoid workaholism.

10. Be assertive so other people don't control you, use you or walk on you. Stand up for yourself and what you want and need. Don't carry out other people's agendas for your life. Face your fears.

11. Get professional help to deal with past traumas or addictions that are still affecting you.

12. Have a purpose. Figure out what goals you want to achieve and go for them.

13. Have a weekly exercise program.

14. Figure out what is important, meaningful and pleasurable to you and incorporate those things into your life.

15. Work on your relationships and have a healthy sex life.

16. Forgive everyone.

17. Appreciate what you have.

18. Get medical care that you need for any illness, aches or pains that are bothering you.

These drug-free activities can be just as, or more effective than medication for depression.

It should be noted that sometimes you may not feel like being social, exercising, eating healthy food, being assertive or being sexual, but that doesn't mean it isn't good for you and will make you feel better overall. Learn to like what is good for you and you'll come out smiling.


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