Monday, April 4, 2011

Meaningful Activities

The Joyful Family: Meaningful Activities and Heartfelt Celebrations for Connecting With the Ones You LoveMy last post (overcoming depression) mentioned the importance of doing meaningful activities to enhance well-being.

But what exactly are meaningful activities?

Usually they include activities that have a purpose or a goal, but sometimes the goal can be to simply enjoy our amazing bodies and the world we live in. Sometimes they can be to care for others or care for our own health.

Here are some ideas:

Plan and prepare healthy and fun meals for yourself and others
Garden/landscape/work outdoors
Create art projects
Build something useful or decorative
Daily personal hygiene
De-clutter and clean your home
Get a job, or create one
Do your best at your job
Set goals for your job
Set personal achievement goals
Exercise daily: yoga, dance, aerobics, Pilate's, swim, bike,gym, tread mill, elliptical, weights
Join a local group or club that has discussions (books, politics, community, family, etc.)
Join a local recreational group (walking, climbing, skiing, adventures, etc.)
Run/take walks outdoors
Dance classes (salsa, ballroom)
Attend shows, concerts, community events
Go camping (hike, play in water, play camping games, boating)
Attend children's activities, events
Obtain a pet to care for and play with
Read fiction and non-fiction (spend time at the library)
Use facebook, twitter, blogs, email and other computer connections
Get a massage, or give one
Get a salon treatment
Go shopping
Donate to charity
Listen to audio books or CD programs
Read or watch the news and discuss it, get involved
Sing, join a choir
Play an instrument, practice
Volunteer in your community, organize something
Travel locally and long distances, share your stories
Entertain, host parties, have a pot luck
Parent your children
Stay in contact with extended family
Remember birthdays
Plan family reunions
Write, journal
Play board games, card games, outdoor games or party games with others
Build something with wood
Go to the beach, snorkel
Watch TV or movies with others
Cuddle, sex, affection
Attend church
Pray, meditate

Any other ideas?


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