Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Walk To Beautiful DVD: Watch It Now Free

I was privileged to finally see the amazing multiple award-winning DVD A Walk To Beautiful.

I had heard about it from a friend awhile ago, but since my kids have hi-jacked my Netflix account- it was a long time coming. Now I have discovered that the whole show is online free, so you can watch it right here today.

A Walk to Beautiful tells the true story of five women in Ethiopia who are shunned by their family and villages due to a serious child birth injury called an obstetric fistula.

The following scenarios are in the movie:

A 10 year-old girl is forced into marriage by her abusive single father. She runs away multiple times, but then she ultimately has to stay because she gets pregnant.

Another woman is kidnapped in the marketplace and forced to marry someone she doesn't know.

All of the women experience severe child labor that lasts several days. These women are often young and suffer from malnutrition so they can not handle childbirth. The child ultimately dies. The medical care is poor and they rip/tear holes in the vagina (obstetric fistula) and it is not repaired. This causes urine or fecal matter to constantly run down their legs so they smell bad all the time.

The husbands immediately kick them out of their house and make them live in this sort of separate house (like a large dog house in the backyard). 

These women are forced to live in isolation with loneliness and shame due to rejection by their own.

Each of these five women choose to reclaim their lives by taking the long and exhausting journey (some up to 5 hour walk to the 14 hr. bus ride repeated 3 times) to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital so they could receive the medical treatment available only there. Upon arriving at the hospital, the women are treated free of charge, resulting in new beginnings. However, not every patient can be cured, but each woman takes her own journey toward becoming independent and productive members of their communities once again.

What is interesting about this movie is that they state that the reason this issue has not gained more attention and world wide resolution is because it is a women's issue and women's issues are not of a high concern.

The other thing I found puzzling was that many of the women were thrilled to go back to their husbands and let them know that they were fixed and better. You would think that after being treated like that they would not want anything to do with the husbands.

At least one woman said she was going to emphasize education to her daughter and not marriage. What do you think?

Watch it here:

Not working? You might also be able to see it here.

Want to help more women with this issue? Click here.


Darsha said...

I've seen this. It is so sad. Makes you grateful for all that you have. I love the people who are willing to help them. Awesome to know that there are good people out there.

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