Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Simple Formula For Happiness and Peace

Inner Peace Cards1. Read something inspiring and uplifting every morning.

2. Humbly connect with the power of love (God/spirit) through prayer and meditation: Hope Ask, Feel.

3. Take a day off of work each week and spend quiet time with your family.

4. Seek advice from wise and inspirational teachers and good examples (take a class, read books, articles, blogs, magazines, & audio lectures)

5. Choose right actions.

6. Use words wisely and affectively to lift others and show interest.

7. Treat all people well, but especially your own family and friends.

8. Be faithful and loving to your spouse.

9. Be honest.

10. Be content and grateful.

11. Work hard.

12. Eat healthy.

13. Give generously to people in need.

14. Obey the law.

15. Serve people (visit friends, volunteer)

16. Teach others what you have learned about life, love and happiness.


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