Thursday, March 17, 2011

Using Green Reusable Shopping Bags and Water Bottles

Since it's St. Patrick's Day I was looking around my house for something green and found my stack of green reusable shopping bags that I always leave right by the front door.

This was perfect for Kindness Thursday because using reusable shopping bags is on my list of Random Acts of Kindness. Using these bags contributes to kindness for the earth, the oceans, and all life on the planet. I have friends who also use reusable shopping bags, but they complain that they always forget to bring them when they go shopping. By keeping the bags by the door it is easier to remember.

Using reusable shopping bags is not less convenient, it is more convenient. The bags are sturdier, they can contain more items at once and you aren't left with a million plastic trash bags to dispose of.

Some people say you can reuse the plastic bags for your small trash can liners, but the amount of trash bags that can be generated in a year of shopping are way more than a household could ever fill with trash. I find that even when I am vigilant about using the reusable bags there are always times when an unexpected purchase here and there generates enough plastic bags for me to use as trash can liners in my home.

I thought about what else I do to be more GREEN on this St. Patrick's Day and I thought of my recently purchased (BPA-free) reusable water bottle. It helps me cut out drinking bottled water. Disposable plastic water bottles are a big problem for the environment, your health, and your pocketbook, see here.  When my husband and kids drag me to fast food restaurants I can at least bring along my reusable water bottle.

I realized that this bottle had another benefit- I drink more water. Drinking more water is actually on the Random Acts of Kindness list also. I suppose this is because you are being kind to yourself. As you care for your own health you are also caring for the people around you who depend on you for their care and for those who care for you.

All in all- a great Green St. Patrick's Day so far.


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