Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kindness Thursday: Attend Your Child's Special Events, Or Else

Number 47 from my list of Random Acts of Kindness says: Attend events that loved ones are involved in.

This may or may not go along with number 115: Support your kids in what they like.

Sometimes your kids are involved in things that they don't like, but you should probably support those things anyway.

I have been trying to do better in this area.

My oldest son who does not love to sing was involved in a school choir performance at his high school. He had two performances at the start of the show and then one performance at the end.

He told us that he would understand if we didn't want to sit through the whole show and wanted to leave after his first two performances. There was a movie playing that night at the movie theater nearby that we wanted to attend, so we took him up on that offer.

It was a mistake. I realized as I was sitting in the movie theater that all of the other families would be greeting their children after the show and taking them home with them. They would say complimentary words and maybe even take their child out for a treat.

My child walked home alone.

I tried to make up for it the next day, but it was too late.

So I have been trying to do better.

For one thing- I hate basketball. It is not entertaining to me and it gives me anxiety to watch my kid's team lose. Close games are torture to me. I have to look away.

So I let my husband attend most of my kid's basketball games, but this last game, was my 11-year-old's final game and my husband was not available to attend, so it was left to me. I bravely took my son to his championship game. They were favored to win. It was supposed to be a sure thing, but I watched in devastation as they lost.

I had to watch almost all of his team mates in tears after the game. It was like a horror movie to me. Still, I felt good about myself for being there to support him. I knew it made a difference to him and I was there to cheer him up when it was all over.

I also recently volunteered to read to my daughter's classroom. This is scarier to do than you think. I mean - they are kindergartners, come on. But you have the teacher staring at you and expecting you to keep these kids in rapt attention. Was my voice shaking? Anyway, I got through it and my daughter felt very proud and special to have her mom come to her class.

Sometimes supporting kids can be difficult, but it is important to them and really does make a difference.


DrFlynnDMD said...

Kids want interaction, acknowledgment and attention and love from their parents. They might not say so, but they need it and thrive on it. Life is scary. Having a 'big' person interested in them can make all the difference in their lives. Most of the ills of the world are a result of failures at home. Kids who don't get the love and security at home seek it out and often find it in the worst places.

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