Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kindness on the Subway : Pass It On

Yankee Stadium Metal Subway SignToday's Kindness Thursday is not about me.

It is about what I witnessed the other day while riding on the subway. I was standing near my husband who was holding our squirming daughter in his arms. The subway was crowded and no seats were available.

After a few minutes a Korean man stood up and offered his coveted seat to our daughter. This was an unusual and completely unexpected kindness.

I could see that the gesture affected my husband. He felt so relieved to have her sitting. Minutes later a blind, homeless woman came walking through our subway car begging (this was not unusual). No one was giving her money, but I saw my husband reach in his pocket and offer what he had.

I felt that perhaps the kindness that was shown to him earlier, softened his heart to give to others.

We can do the same thing in our lives. When people are nice to you, pass it on. This tends to occur naturally, as we do nice things for others they are more likely to be kind to the people they encounter in their life.

Lets see how much goodness we can spread around the world.


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