Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspirational, Motivational and Funny Stickers

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This is the bumper sticker on the back of our Mazda 5. I put it on my car to make my husband smile.

And yes- I know we need a car-wash.

The point of my post is that stickers are not just for kids. They can be used to lift someones spirits, to remind us of what is important or to inspire and motivate.

I have also just ordered this sticker. It is clever, but at the same time gets the message across. Bumper stickers may not be for your new sports car, but if you have an older car or a family mobile it can let others know your thoughts on issues or make people laugh (clue: SNL) and lighten up.

There are other uses for stickers also. You can use stickers to make a child smile or teach them things.

You can put a sticker on a mirror or notebook to remind you of a positive affirmation or a favorite quote. You can also put thoughtful stickers in cards to give to people.

You can also use them for reward charts. Letting a child put a sticker on a reward chart is a reward in and of itself.

This is kind of a fun idea - customize your family to tell others about who you are.

Whatever sticker you choose it will guarantee to help you feel like a kid again, and the great thing is that  stickers are cheap and fun.


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