Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Get Through A Bad Experience

Take control of your anxiety over a bad experience, by applying these 7 simple steps.

1. Write down, think about or discuss all of the ways you could look at this differently, from a positive perspective.

2. Think of a plan. Do at least one action to try to fix the problem the best you can. If it helps than great, if it doesn't, let it go. Realize there are many things out of your control. Accept the things you can not control. Do not try to control people or tell people what to do. Only take responsibility for your half of the relationship, whether it be with an organization, business, or individual. Be your best self.

3. Learn from your mistakes. If you realize you made a mistake or wish you would have responded differently and you can't do anything about it now, determine to act differently next time. Plan to handle things better in the future.

4. Learn what is the best way to proceed from this point on. Move forward with your life. Don't let it drag you down.

5. Talk with someone you trust about what happened. It might help to get it off your chest and they might have some insights that you didn't think about. Also it is nice to have a listening ear. Prayer might also help you.

6. Allow yourself to feel bad for a certain predetermined period and then send the memory of the event back to the past where it belongs. Shift gears in your mind and focus forward with hope.

7. Create a vision board for your present and future. Don't dwell on past experiences that are over. Create a new vision for yourself.


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