Sunday, March 27, 2011

Help For A Child Who Can't Sleep or Has Experienced Trauma

I know how it feels.

We have had two children who have had trouble sleeping and have experienced trauma, so I know first hand the feelings of helplessness.

When our second-oldest son was very young he developed a blood disease called ITP which lasted for two years. He had to endure long painful treatments at the hospital several times a month to keep him alive.

He was deathly afraid of going to the hospital and he started becoming fearful of everything: the dark, windows, basements, TV shows, amusement park rides, water, etc. He couldn't get to sleep at night and we didn't know how to help him.

Several years later we adopted a little girl from a Russian orphanage. She had gone through terrible trauma being separated from her mother, neglected at the orphanage and moved to a new country where no one spoke her language.

Someone (an angel) recommended a CD to us called the Inside-Out Sleep game.

This CD was a lifesaver for our daughter. The voice on the CD is calming and comforting. You play it at night after you put your child to bed and it helps them feel safe and it puts them right to sleep. Our daughter requests it over and over. I wish I had also known about this when our son was little, so I am passing on this information to you in hopes that it will help another family who has a child in need of a little extra comfort.


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