Sunday, February 6, 2011

Secrets of a Long, Healthy, Happy Life

Have you ever wondered how to be one of the healthiest people (statistically speaking)? You might think, yeah, yeah... I know... if I eat my broccoli every day, etc., but that is actually a very small part of the whole picture. Read on.

Characteristics of people who live the longest, healthiest lives:

1. They have a college degree
2. They sleep 7-8 hrs every night
3. They have a healthy body weight/height ratio
4. They have a healthy resting heart rate
5. They have average blood pressure
6. They have healthy cholesterol levels
7. They don't drive a lot (walk, or bike more)
8. They floss
9. They don't smoke or drink
10. They don't drive/ride on motorcycles
11. They don't speed
12. They drive in cars with air bags
13. They don't talk on the cell phone while they drive
14. They are happily married
15. They see their life as good
16. They have lots of close friends and family that they see at least monthly
17. They have a pet
18. They attend a church
19. Their stress is low
20. They belong to groups or associations
21. Their parents are living and married
22. They make at least $40,000 a year and live by people who make about the same money as they do
23. They have a happy sex life
24. They have at least one child, and not more then they can handle
25. They don't skip breakfast
26. They eat a balanced diet (take a daily vitamin)

I realize that some of these things are out of one's personal control, but some are simply decisions, so perhaps setting goals and making a few changes in your life can lead to a longer, healthier, happier you!


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