Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kindness Thursday: Speak Cheerfully To The Check Out Clerk

So my idea is to do a Random Act of Kindness from my list (see here) every week and then tell you all how it went- thus Kindness Thursday has been born.

So my first R.A.K. was at the post office. I was able to knock out two R.A.K.s in one place.

I gave the bored looking employee my package and then she started sneezing.

This is my chance I thought.

Usually I would say nothing because her sneezing is none of my business.

But R.A.K. # 26 says: Say Bless You  (when someone sneezes).

So I said, "Bless You."

She said "Thank you" but continued to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.

Then I got confused. Am I supposed to say Bless You EVERYTIME?

I thought against it, but then R.A.K. #19 came to me: Speak Cheerfully To Check Out Clerks.

So I made a stupid joke.

"Maybe you are allergic to MAIL!" I smiled.

She laughed.

Maybe to humor me, maybe because she thought I was an idiot.

It doesn't matter. The point is that I cheered her up and her laughter made her stop sneezing.

I challenge you all to Speak Cheerfully To Check Out Clerks this week!


David Almendarez said...

I did a RAK at Lin's this morning. The grocery store clerk lit up when I said her ring was pretty. It was a gift from her grandmother and she wears it for the good family memories. :)

DrFlynnDMD said...

I really liked this post because you shared your real life and not just a list of things. I enjoy reading your adventures, random thoughts, and crazy predicaments you find yourself in. Jennefer please start a new blog (like your old princess one) that is about you, your thoughts and life. No offense but you are far more interesting than countless to do lists. Love (your brother) Robert

jeneflower said...

I'm glad that you find my life to be so interesting. However, this blog was never intended to be a personal blog. I don't think I will ever do a completely personal blog again- about the ins and outs of my kids lives. This blog was never meant to be a blog for family and friends- that is why it is never posted on my facebook page and I didn't tell anyone about it- it got out when Carolyn stumbled upon it. Although I wasn't intentionally hiding it either. The purpose of this blog is for my benefit- to force me to figure out exactly what I learn from the books I read, or other information I read and then to share that with others who may be looking for that information. If you are interested in reading more about my daily life I will be continuing Kindness Thursdays on this blog, but my other two blogs will be more of my real life. The first one is here: This blog is posted to my facebook page as it is updated. It is fairly new. You can also follow it on facebook or twitter. The second one is here: The later one will be a blog about experiences in Maryland when we move there in a few months. Thanks for reading!

Darsha said...

Jen come be nice to me.I need a R.A.K. I miss you.

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