Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Be Good: 175 Random Acts of Kindness

I visited yesterday and I picked out my favorite random acts of kindness from their list.

I thought I would share them with you here (its a lot easier to see them all here on one page then having to scroll through lots of pages on their site). See if you can incorporate these actions into your life and make the world a better place. Commit to doing at least one per day.

  1. Email a note/e-card/FB message of appreciation or to let them know you are thinking of them
  2. Send meaningful holiday cards (for any holiday)
  3. Buy cheap coats, umbrellas, gloves, hats- keep in car and give them to people who look cold/ wet
  4. Buy eco-friendly reusable water bottles
  5. Pay attention to your friends/ families birthdays (call/plan something/send b-day message)
  6. Return emails promptly
  7. Fly less
  8. Use reusable shopping bags
  9. Plan regular vacation time with family
  10. Be real (a genuine person)
  11. Ask How are you doing? and wait to hear the real answer
  12. Listen
  13. Help those who are stranded on the side of road (car broke down)
  14. Blog/write/speak to voice the problems in the world and try to set them right
  15. See the good in a bad situation (the silver lining)
  16. Volunteer your time for things you see as important
  17. Treat others well (with respect and dignity)
  18. Thank coaches and volunteers
  19. Speak cheerfully to check out clerks
  20. Get everyone's opinion who will be affected by decisions
  21. Make home tranquil and peaceful
  22. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt
  23. Let kids be kids (have fun)
  24. Help someone find a job or a house or what they need
  25. Go to Farmers Markets/eat locally
  26. Say Bless You (when someone sneezes)
  27. Laugh daily (A day without laughter is a day wasted- Charlie Chaplin)
  28. Be silly, enthusiastic, excited
  29. Click for causes (such as
  30. Give extra coupons/unwanted gifts, etc. to people who could use them.
  31. Pay a stranger's toll
  32. Tell someone in charge, if an employee was great
  33. Let cars go ahead of you/ cut in
  34. Give up your parking spot (if competing for one)
  35. Help clean the buildings you use
  36. Write a list of your spouse's good qualities/deeds as you witness them/ keep a running list
  37. Make a treat for volunteer firefighters
  38. Offer a drink of water for guests/repairmen/
  39. Don't speak badly about others (stop negativity)
  40. Find out peoples dreams and help them achieve
  41. Always find something positive to say, shift perspective
  42. You decide which story to tell (choose the positive spin on events)
  43. Be affectionate
  44. Write down complaints and figure out what to do, so you don't need to complain out loud
  45. For a non-profit organization, name a star as a gift for someone 
  46. Leave change in a vending machine
  47. Attend events that loved ones are involved in
  48. Donate an old car to charity
  49. Attend special Olympics/ volunteer
  50. Babysit for free or find a babysitter for someone
  51. Become an organ donor
  52. Clean your friends house
  53. Work for Habitat for Humanity
  54. Become a local food bank volunteer
  55. Sell old textbooks cheap or donate
  56. Pet-sit for free (or walk a dog)
  57. Take pictures of families, individuals, for free
  58. Mow people's lawns for free
  59. Say sorry to someone when you have done wrong
  60. Be actively involved in people's lives (send messages, call, invite, plan together, visit)
  61. Drive someone when they need a ride
  62. Talk to neighbors
  63. Give people fresh fruit
  64. Host a party
  65. Offer to pick up groceries for someone (especially before a storm)
  66. Talk to homeless people
  67. Give directions
  68. Jump someones car
  69. Say Good Morning- acknowledge people's presence
  70. Rake neighbors yard
  71. Leave a generous tip
  72. Wash a car for friend or family member
  73. Invite people to come with you or sit with you
  74. Fund-raise for a cause
  75. Turn off the lights
  76. Send a care package- college kids, soldiers, operation Christmas child
  77. Adopt a pet
  78. Do household chores for people
  79. Arrive on time, be where you said you'd be
  80. Be courteous in public
  81. Ask before you borrow
  82. Gifts for teachers
  83. Make a bird feeder
  84. Talk to someone new
  85. Pay attention when someone is speaking
  86. Keep areas clean
  87. Lend a pencil/pen
  88. Use less paper
  89. Be polite online
  90. Say something nice about someone
  91. Garden and weed
  92. Write a poem for someone
  93. Return lost items
  94. Ask if you can help
  95. Give coupon birthday gift to friend (will empty/load your dishwasher/clean 1 bathroom/babysit for free 1 evening/bring over a dinner/vacuum your house/walk your dog/take out trash/do your laundry)
  96. Take care of your body and buy healthy food for your family
  97. Collect coins for a cause
  98. Volunteer at community garden
  99. Conserve energy
  100. Don't waste food
  101. Give up your seat
  102. Organize a carpool
  103. Help someone move
  104. Smile at others
  105. Be a positive person
  106. Paint a picture
  107. Pick some flowers for someone
  108. Read a book
  109. Go running outside
  110. Wear your seat belt
  111. Call a grandparent
  112. Be grateful, say thanks to anyone who has done something for you
  113. Drink more water
  114. Help someone learn
  115. Support your kids in what they like, praise/encourage
  116. Let someone go in front of you
  117. Don't be prejudice against anyone
  118. Share a game
  119. Clean your room/house
  120. Forgive everyone
  121. Act on every thought of generosity
  122. Be polite on the road (while driving)
  123. Make handmade cards
  124. Give a pre-paid phone card (soldiers, students)
  125. Make a positive comment on a blog or website
  126. Plan something with someone who is lonely
  127. Share your music play-list with others
  128. Bake someone a cake
  129. Compliment often
  130. Plant a tree
  131. Offer to watch kids so people can go on trip
  132. Help co-workers/work longer to cover them if needed
  133. Play a sport with a child
  134. Pay for gas if others give you rides
  135. Ride your bike to an errand
  136. Give a massage
  137. Grow produce and share with neighbors
  138. Teach someone English (or any language you know)
  139. Thank bus or taxi driver- it can be a stressful job
  140. Thank postal worker 
  141. Introduce yourself
  142. Be a role model
  143. Give someone a hug
  144. Help unload/carry groceries
  145. Have a charity party- bring canned food, donate clothes, items, etc. or have a scavenger hunt party (to collect items) and deliver to shelter
  146. Host a bake sale for a fundraiser
  147. Pick up trash wherever you see it or go to a place the needs it
  148. Give away free lemonade and Popsicles on a hot day- with jar to donate to charity
  149. Buy extra tickets to shows and invite people to come
  150. Write letters, say thanks, appreciate, hug
  151. Embrace mistakes and learn lessons
  152. Donate used items
  153. Donate blood
  154. Be an organ donor
  155. Buy take-out and invite friends/extended family over
  156. Coach a team or direct a play or teach a class for free
  157. Clean up after yourself
  158. Visit someone who is sick
  159. Send flowers
  160. Bring someone a souvenir
  161. Be nice to someone you don't like
  162. Be a designated driver
  163. Adopt a soldier (pen pal- encourage)
  164. Use less plastic/packaging
  165. Study something with others
  166. Thank police, fire fighters, etc.
  167. Appreciate your spouse's hard work
  168. Return shopping carts
  169. Read books to people who can't read (children, illiterate, elderly, language)
  170. Hold the door open
  171. Make a new friend
  172. Give care packages to homeless- toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, brush
  173. Perform for elderly homes
  174. Donate books to library or sell cheap
  175. Speak calmly and kindly at all times (think love)


Carolyn Flynn said...

What a great list! We all could use more love and kindness in this world.

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