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The Simple Advice of Jesus: A List For Every Faith

 Most people believe that Jesus was a great teacher, whether or not they believe in his divinity. However, many people don't really know exactly what he taught.

So I am offering a short, crash course in Jesus' teachings in my own words (simplified- this was originally written for children). 

The Simple Advice of Jesus: A List For Every Faith  

1. Jesus taught prayer.  If you are humble, the spirit will comfort you and change your heart if you ask for it. You will be enveloped in God's love. Jesus said to give all of your troubles, heartaches, pain, sickness and guilt to God so He can carry them and you don't have to. 

2. Jesus said to be kind. This means to be courteous. It means not to yell or call people bad names (i.e. your spouse, kids, etc.). This means not to think you are better or worse than other people. Jesus said to treat others like you want to be treated.

3. Jesus said to desire to do what's right, to seek after good things and to want to be good. This means to seek after love and to pray for guidance (intuition) and the spirit. This means to seek ways to serve other people. 

4. Jesus said to create peace and be a peacemaker. This means not to cause fights or let other people fight. This means to find a peaceful solution.

5. Jesus said to be a light to others. He said to let other people see your good works and to let your light shine. This means to be self-confident, so others will follow your good example. Jesus said your whole body should be full of light.

6. Jesus said to forgive. This means to stick up for yourself, but not to fight and stay angry. Forgiveness means to let the bad feelings or experiences go. Forgiveness is not about letting people get away with bad choices, but about feeling better. Forgiveness is about God and the spirit healing your hurt and pain.

7. Jesus said not to resist evil. That means when bad things happen, try to roll with the punches, don't get too upset. Don't fight it. Bad things happen to everyone. If you can, try to make something good out of a bad situation. Try to be optimistic and think "feel better" thoughts. This means not to get angry when you don't get your way or when you don't like something. This means to calm down first and to talk about the problem(s) without yelling and anger.

8. Jesus said to be generous. This means to share what you have with those in need or with anyone around you.

9. Jesus said to be good on the inside. This means doing what is right when no one else can see. This means not to try to appear to be a good person to everyone around you, yet secretly lying, committing adultery, doing illegal activities, murdering people, cheating, or hiding other evil activities. This means to be honest and good inside and outside with nothing to hide.

10. Jesus said not to be self-righteous. This means to be humble. Don't judge people or think bad of other people. This means not to gossip or to speak badly of people. Often the gossip gets back to the person and is very hurtful or affects the way people treat that person. Jesus said that if you condemn others you will be condemned. Jesus said to fix yourself before trying to help others.

11. Jesus said to be content with what you have and not envy what other people have. This means not to focus too much on things that are not important (cars, toys, clothes, food, money, TV, appearance, material possessions, etc.), but instead focus on seeking the spirit, love and right actions.

12. Jesus said the teacher is not better than the student. He said God sometimes hides things from the wise and educated and reveals them to humble children. Jesus said to look on the heart, not on the outward appearance. He said that the greatest among you is your servant.

13. Jesus said you will know people by the fruit they bring forth. Notice if you are making good things happen around you- are you producing good or evil fruit? Do people blossom or shrivel when they are around you? Do you leave goodness and generosity in your wake or sadness and scarcity? Do people feel good or bad when they are around you? Are you leaving behind a legacy of love or pain? Is the world a better place because you are in it? This advice can also help you choose good examples to follow. 

14. Jesus said to listen to his words so you can be strong and immovable like a wise-man who built his house upon a rock, otherwise you are like a man who built is house upon the sand and any storm of life will knock it down.

15. Jesus said to work along side others. He said it is not right if you make others do all of the work, while you don't lift a finger. This means to work together. 

16. Work is good and important, but Jesus said it is more important to learn and study his teachings, then to work.

17. Jesus said the kingdom of God is something small (example: a seed or leaven) that will grow as you care for it. Start small with merely a desire to follow his teachings and the fruits will grow in your life.

18. Jesus said to express gratitude to those who have shown you kindness or have helped you in some way. Gratitude journals, saying grace at meals and remembering to say thank you are good practices.

19. Jesus said to assist those in need. If we see someone who needs help, no matter who they are we should help them. If someone asks us for help, we should always try to oblige (using safety and common sense).

20. Jesus said not to waste precious, sacred, or spiritual pearls by throwing them before swine (people who will trample and make fun of them). Choose your audience wisely.

I hope I have.

Below are two books that combine the teachings of Jesus with other faith beliefs.


Linda said...

I liked your list. It really put the information simply and realistically. Is no. 7 supposed to say NOT to resist evil? Thank-you.

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