Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Balanced Daily Schedule: What I Do All Day

I know I discussed the book The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau before, but there are other words of wisdom from his book I would like to bring up today.

In the chapter called Radical Exclusion and Quest for Abundance he sums up most people's goals...we want "good relationships with family and close friends, we're excited about work, we're in good health, we do more or less what we want to every day, and we know we are making a difference in the world (creating a legacy)."

He claims that the way to go about reaching these goals is to radically eliminate the time wasters in your life. You can do this by asking yourself if your current activity is helping anyone or doing any good in the world.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself, "What will happen if I don't do this? Will the world end? Will someone die? Shut out everything that isn't in line with your key priorities. This means eliminating long written email responses, most meetings, random T.V. or Internet surfing, unnecessary shopping, etc.

Try to eliminate anything that is bringing you down or not helping someone else.

Make a "to-stop-doing list."

It also helps to unclutter your living space. I take a bag to the thrift store every Saturday. Chris said he gets rid of 5 things a day. Decide how you will unclutter your living space.

Write down your goals (1 year, 5 year, 10 year). Then write down your daily schedule and weekend schedule ensuring that your schedule is in line with your goals and priorities.

Every day focus on how you spend your time. Give yourself a certain amount of time to look at emails, return phone calls, etc. In Chris's book he even suggests answering phone messages once a week (with that information in the phone recording) or referring them to contact you by email if they want a reply. If you are getting too many emails try unsubscribing to everything and sending out automatic email replies that you are unavailable right now, please try again later or that your email inbox is full or you are on an email vacation.

Chris says he wants to spend his days "running marathons, starting businesses, building websites, writing, talking with fun people, helping non-profits, and traveling to 20 countries a year". It is important to him to take a Sabbath day every week from 6 p.m. on Saturday to 6 p.m. on Sunday in which he is offline and doesn't work. Most importantly he wants to be involved in meaningful projects and relationships.

He has a yearly goal of writing 100 blog posts, 20 newspaper columns, 20 guest articles for various outlets, 3 information products and 1 book.

Everyones goals and daily schedule will look different. Here is my daily schedule:

Monday - Friday

7AM Wake

Make school lunches

Get my kids up

Do the dishes and clean the house including laundry

Walk my kids to school

Check email

Yoga or other exercise for 1 hour


Go to work or write (blogs, articles, and research/write book) or volunteer or do something artistic/creative 

Pick my kids up from school

Briefly read news and blogs

Make dinner and clean the house with the kids or go out

Read books or help with homework or watch 1 movie or T.V. show

Visit with family- read together, talk, play piano or guitar/sing


Go to the gym

Sign up to give a monthly gift to my favorite charities (1 x)

Take a bag to the thrift store

Do necessary shopping

Add to my vision board from cut up magazines (people I admire, places to travel, activities I like, goals)

Clean with the family

Fold laundry

Go out with my husband to restaurant or show



Spiritual meeting

Family dinner and clean up

Family game

Family movie

Family reading out-loud and talk

Family treat

Simplicity is Beauty.


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