Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Interrupt me... I'm Reading A Book! A Julian Smith Comic Relief

Sometimes I start to feel guilty...

for laughing and enjoying myself when I know that so many people around the world are suffering due to hunger, lack of freedom, lack of health care, lack of shelter or warmth, lack of resources, etc.

but then I realize that by suffering along with these people I am creating more suffering rather than less.

I am also letting their oppressive governments affect me. In other words, I am giving more power to the evil powers in the world.

So instead, a better perspective is to live life happy, but to not forget those who suffer- to do our part- but not to let it get us too down.

So its time for some comic relief. This video was shown to me by my friend and it made me laugh so I am passing it on.

I often feel this way when I'm reading a book. With four kids and a husband I get interrupted a lot and now instead of getting upset about those interruptions I can just sing, "I'm reading a book! Man. I'm reading a book!" And we will all laugh.  I love books and in a future post I will give you the list of books I love and ones on my to-read-in-the-future list. 


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