Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Ways We Cause Ourselves Unnecessary Suffering

1. Signing up your kids for a bazillion lessons and activities.

2. Doing things for others that they could (should) be doing for themselves. 

3. Wishing away your current situation. Thinking the grass is always greener elsewhere. Not making the best with what you have. Not seeking counseling if you need it.

4. Living to please everyone, but yourself.

5. Staying in a miserable job or abusive relationship. Having an attitude that there is nothing better.

6. Not standing up for yourself. Not having the self-confidence to demand respect and honest pay.

7. Doing everything everybody else asks you to do (living out someone else's agenda for your life).

8. Not taking care of your health (over-eating, eating unhealthy, not exercising, under-eating).

9. Owning too big of a home (to care for) and too many possessions (to clean).

10. Doing too much. Stress. No prayer, relaxation or meditation.

11. Not staying on top of your work (cleaning, homework, business) and letting it pile up. Over-working is the opposite problem and also causes unnecessary suffering.

12. Doing things that you don't want to do, but feel compelled to do, yet don't really make any difference in the end.

13. Doing a sloppy job.

14. Telling lies, or being dishonest.

15. Having children too young or too poor or having more kids than you can handle.

16. Marrying someone you know deep down is bad for you.

17. Hanging around with people who get you in to trouble (negative influences).

18. Not getting an education.

19. Guilt, worry and negative emotions (not forgiving, etc.) that don't help anything.

20. Taking life too seriously.

The cause of most unnecessary suffering is that we want things to be different then they are, and so we compulsively fight our experiences, rather than using them to learn and grow.

Let's all lighten up, accept things as they are, learn from our experiences, work to improve our lives and be happy!


Sabrina said...

What a great list to think about all throughout the year! :-)
Too often, we are guilty of too much on this list, because we are on automatic mode. We need to get off automatic and get onto thoughtful.

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