Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Women Rock and Men Are Not Smarter

According to this study, men have higher IQs than women.  Of course, this is not true across the board, but generally speaking.

So with these smart, big brains males have... they are also more likely to invent things that cause environmental destruction (cars and factories) and death (weapons), start wars, lie, have big egos, attack, be violent, selfish , power-hungry and impulsive. They are also more likely to commit crimes and be incarcerated. Wow. Look at those big brains go.

Of course, all of this is not true across the board, but generally speaking.

Yes. I am here to defend women and....

I think that the truth is that women are often unable or don't want to become like male CEOs, inventors, and Nobel Peace Prize winners because they are overwhelmed with the burden of childcare that is put on their shoulders all day long or after a long day of work, even when they would prefer their significant other share half the load.

If a woman decides not to have children she is often told she is selfish and her life is worthless. Yet she is seen as less intelligent in her role as mother versus CEO.

Another thing that keeps women in their place is that men are more likely to cheat on high-earning women... this is not very motivating information for a woman to develop a high-earning intellectual career path.

A man also gets paid more for doing an equivalent job as a woman (as well as other gender-gap discrepancies). So women have to work twice as hard to get the same respect.

Women are more likely to give more to charity,  care for the environment, work through their problems in a healthier way, and graduate from college.  So who is smarter now?

This article breaks down the differences in intelligence better:
10 Big Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Brains

Message To Women:

Stop apologizing.

Intelligence is multi-faceted and is linked to belief in yourself. What you believe about yourself comes true for you.

Believe you are awesome, intelligent and beautiful- and there you are.


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