Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I Resist, Persists

I realize that I have been complaining a lot...

complaining and criticizing and finding fault.

I have this erroneous belief that this behavior will stop or change things I don't like. Instead, it makes everything worse and everybody angry. It certainly doesn't endear people to me.

So I wrote down a list of goals for myself to try to make things better:

Sometimes stillness and quietness is the best response and then a change of something neutral.

Discipline myself to say loving and kind words.

Ask lovingly for help if I need it, don't get angry if I don't receive it.

Treat others opinions and beliefs with respect.

Love people anyway.

Be orderly.

Focus on the present, look people in the eye, notice people.

Speak well of others.


Listen to uplifting music and watch uplifting movies/TV.

Let others be and think different than me.

Let go of being right and feeling like others need to see things my way.

Radiate God's love.

No one is wrong- its just my limited understanding and interpretation(label) of it. Actually they might be wrong, but I can not be the one to make that judgement due to my limited understanding and prejudices. I might be wrong too.

Never criticize, pick a part, complain or speak negatively.

Take care of myself.

Do what I want to do.

Don't blame others for my life.

Be the person I want to be, and don't force others to be anything but what they want to be. At the same time, encourage, uplift and love.


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