Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Give Charity Ecards

I am so excited about this idea.

Charity ecards combine the spreading of holiday cheer to family and friends with saving the environment from excessive paper card waste, while money gets donated to great charities. It also saves you valuable time and money which is so important this time of year. Not to mention that any donation is 100% tax deductible. Everyone wins.

So it all started when I got an email from WFP (World Food Program) entitled "Your life-changing gift" so I checked out the email, it read:

I gave my sister a scarf last year. She said she loved it, but I’ve never seen her wear it… and I spent so much time figuring out what to get her. I’m sure you have a similar story.

So this year, I’m giving something different – something that will definitely make her happy and will bring happiness to a woman, child, or family struggling to survive.
Each time you send one of our holiday ecards, you’re giving two fantastic gifts in one! Click here to: Send an eCard that counts!

I loved the free rice game ecard, and I had decided to send it (I'm still deciding which friend would appreciate it most).

Then I started wondering what else was out there in terms of charity ecards.

It was surprisingly difficult to find others, but I was able to find two others that are definitely worth checking out.

The first one I found was on the website for Variety International: A Children's Charity. On their home page you can see a link to send a charity ecard- just click on Kermit. The great thing about this site is you can send multiple cards at the same time without having to fill out a new form for every person. This way you can send out all your Christmas cards at once. Awesome.

I saved the best for last. Where do I begin? It's called the Giving Buddy. There are a few reasons I liked this one best.

1. You can choose the ecards that are available or you can upload a photo instead ( I chose a family photo - it turned out awesome).
2. You can preselect a charity from a list of 100s of charities.
3. You can post the ecard to your recipients Facebook, Twitter or send it to them through email (or all of the above).
4. The recipient of the ecard will be able to choose from 3 charities listed, including the one you preselected to give your gift donation to.
5. You can donate any amount- even as low as $2 . So you can send this out to a lot of people. I chose to send $5 per card.

When I signed up for the Giving Buddy I got this email from them:

Welcome to the GivingBuddy Holiday Charity Campaign.

Our appreciation for joining as a ‘member’ of this exciting social networking initiative for charitable giving.

You can now send friends and relatives your own donation gifts …

Your participation as a charity volunteer is very important to us, showing others how a meaningful way of gift-giving and helping others in need is a worthwhile cause to devote your time and effort towards.

Thanks for leading the way with your membership and we look forward to working together for a successful campaign!

CharityChoice Gift Cards, where you are the donor and the gift-recipient picks the charity.

The perfect gift …when meaningful matters.

A project of Special Kids Fund, 501c3 umbrella organization for special needs children.

Thank you for being special for our special kids!

"We create a special world that celebrates life and all of its challenges"

I hope I have gotten you excited about giving charity ecards and gifts this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!


Holiday Giveaway said...

With Connect to Charity you can help your favorite Central Illinois nonprofit win $1,000 this holiday season. Great way to give back and make a difference in your community.

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