Wednesday, December 1, 2010

50 Ways To Win Your Husband's Love Forever

I Love My Husband Italian charm1. Take care of yourself. Not for him, for you, but let him see your efforts to keep fit. You don't necessarily have to be perfectly fit- he will love you for being dedicated and trying and for loving yourself.

2. Look nice everyday. You don't have to do a lot- be clean, brush your hair, a little mascara and lip gloss (or more if you want). Perfume doesn't hurt. Rotate your outfits. Don't wear sweats every day. Buy clothes that show you have a waist. No baggy clothes allowed. Dress up once in a while. Wear high heels, some jewelry and a skirt. Keep your nails nice. Go to a hair salon when you need it. Keep your teeth/breath clean and fresh.

3. Let him see your efforts to keep the house clean. It doesn't have to be perfect, but he should see that you are making an effort here. Decorate your home. It doesn't have to be expensive, but take pride in it. Be passionate about your home and your family.

4. Set goals and let him see you reach them (get a degree, write a book, get a job, lose weight, sew something, make a business, teach your kids, etc.).

5. Don't nag. Ask for things that let him feel needed (i.e. open this jar for me, lift this box, kill the bug). Ask him, What would you like to help with tonight?

6. Never trick him into getting you pregnant. Only have children when he has fully committed to half the load.

7. Let go of preconceived expectations and appreciate the good he does do (or bad stuff he doesn't do). You might want to make a list for yourself. Ignore small irritations. Don't stew, speak up about feelings if it needs to be said. Say it in a loving way. Forgive and forget his past.

8. Keep healthy food in the house, but let yourself splurge once in awhile.

9. Be your husband's lover. Keep your man sexually happy. This is usually more important to him than a clean house. Wear attractive/sexy pajamas. Master the art of the sexy look (facial expression).

10. Tell him that it is his job to plan and ask you on dates. Do not let this issue rest until he takes action. You can provide him with a list of babysitters and restaurant reservation numbers (choose some romantic ones). Tell him how much you are looking forward to your dates.

11. He can not put you down. If he tries to- pretend that he is teasing/flirting with you and insult him back with a big smile on your face. However, if it gets to be really bad, graciously excuse yourself and reevaluate your relationship. Men don't respect doormats. Hit him with a pillow if he deserves it. There's nothing like a good pillow fight.

12. When your husband comes home from work- don't talk to him right away. Just greet him and then let him unwind for an hour in front of the computer, TV or newspaper. If your mind is flooded with things to say- write them down so you won't forget to tell him later. Never appear needy. When you do talk- get to the point. For the most part, men are not interested in little details. Also, don't bombard him with a list of complaints. Spend time talking to your friends during the day if you feel your husband doesn't talk enough.

13. Be busy. Have your own life and don't ask permission for things he doesn't ask you permission for.

14. Reciprocate his kindness, by doing nice things for him (i.e. exchange back massages). Don't always be the one giving, but once in a while surprise him with a foot massage with scented oils or run your fingers through his hair and massage his temples).

15. Be happy. Don't be an emotional mess. Figure out your problems, get outside help, talk to your friends, get advise, pray, read books about your issues. Find strength. The thing your husband wants most is to see you happy. He feels horrible if he can't solve your problems.

16. Talk to your husband at night, before bed. Ask at least three questions about his day.

17. Buy games to play together.

18. Say thank you for the sacrifices he makes and for things he buys you or does for you. Thank him for helping in any way. Notice what he does.

19. Take a hike or walk in nature together.

20. Let him buy that toy (i.e. motorcycle, electronics, porsche).

21. Watch funny movies together.

22. Let him be right and do things his way sometimes.

23. Draw a heart on a steamed bathroom mirror.

24. Tell everyone, including your kids that he is the greatest husband, dad ever.

25. Put your wedding photos on display. Put a picture of him near your work desk.

26. Take pics of just you two together.

27. Never compare him. Love his uniqueness. Notice his small motions, features, expressions, his individuality.

28. Mend his clothes or take them to get mended.

29. Dedicate a song to him.

30. Take a class together.

31. Read a book together and discuss it.

32. Hold hands as you walk. Squeeze his muscles.

33. Share ice-cream.

34. Look him in the eye when he speaks to you.

35. Sit in front of a fire together and eat or read.

36. Periodically wash his car or get it washed.

37. Compliment him when he does something well.

38. Volunteer together.

39. Get up with him in the morning.

40. Be kind and thoughtful to his family and relatives. Never speak ill of them.

41. Respect is very important to him. Never put him down, make him look bad or humiliate him in front of others. Let him be your hero.

42. Defend him, like you would defend yourself. Always be on your husbands side. Don't speak badly of him to others, unless you need to (for support, advise).

43. Be considerate of his beliefs and opinions even if they differ from yours.

44. Honor his time to watch football or be on the Internet. Don't interrupt if possible.

45. Drive to a good view, get out and watch the sunset (kissing is optional).

46. Periodically bring home one of his favorite treats (i.e. candy or drink).

47. At least once a year stay at a romantic hotel just the two of you.

48. Learn romantic phrases in other languages.

49. Bake or cook something nice together. Feed each other.

50. Say I Love You whenever you feel it. Verbalize loving thoughts. Words can create your world.


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