Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 Ways A Mom Can Make A Difference and Save The World

Last night I watched a DVD documentary about the humanitarian overseas efforts of Doctors Without Borders called: TRIAGE - Dr. James Orbinski's Humanitarian Dilemma

I'm not a doctor and I have responsibilities to my family and kids, so I can't leave them and go off and join an NGO (humanitarian non-government organization). I hope to someday be able to do some type of humanitarian work, but right now I can't leave my family.

So, I have been pondering the question: What Can I Do Right Now?

I have discussed some ideas already in this blog, but I thought I would make a list of ideas for this post, that any ordinary person could do right now to help make the world a better place.

1. Raise your children with love, never tolerate bullying of any kind. Teach them to treat others kindly, to be responsible and to look out for the needs of others. Be kind to neighbors, friends, and strangers. Act in a loving and peaceful manner towards your spouse or significant other.

2. Spend less money on yourself, so you can give more to honest charities that are making a difference. Don't spoil your kids. For the most part, they don't need it. Give them lots of love and time instead.

3. Don't be extravagant or excessive or pretentious or lavish. Sometimes I get in my mind that I need to spend a lot of money on stuff. Like I recently bought these very expensive eye creams because my under eye circles were cropping up due to the dry winter air. I soon discovered that an inexpensive humidifier and cheap vitamin e cream followed by cheap Vaseline on and around my eyes at night worked better than all the expensive name brand eye creams I had wasted money on.  

4. Put relationships before money. This is showcased in the fairly new movie: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with Michael Douglas. Money can be gone in an instant. Cherish what matters. Sometimes we get the idea that we can't spend time with our family because we need to be working on our business goals, but what if we didn't spend that last hour working? Maybe we wouldn't make as much money, but does that really matter?

5. Start a social awareness group. In addition to hearing and discussing speakers, reading books and watching DVDs about issues, perhaps your group could make YouTube videos against violence, and bullying. People could share it on blogs and websites. Educate your family and others with what you have learned. Speak to schools and other groups. Many times a group working together can make more of a difference then a single person.

6. Take care of the earth by using less resources, recycling your trash, and using organic products. Buy less of more expensive organic food items, rather than a lot of inexpensive unnecessary non-organic food items. Most people could eat a lot less than they do. Stop buying clutter and excessive packaging (trash).

7. Strive to make a difference for free.  If money comes because of your efforts, then great, but that shouldn't be your focus or passion. Helping others is what matters. Help through writing about issues (books, blogs, websites, pamphlets), public speaking,  local service volunteering, sending items overseas, fundraising, volunteer vacation, etc.

8. Educate yourself on the issues through reading the news, blogs, books and watching DVDs. Sign petitions and email your congressmen/women to let them know you care about issues. There are many easy ways to do this on the Internet.

9. Buy used items if you can. Thrift stores are cool. They save the environment and leave more money in your pocket to share with others. Be creative in saving money. The Tightwad Gazette is a great resource. There are a lot of blogs on the Internet that help you save creatively. Many people feel that doing with less leads to greater happiness and a more fulfilling life. Voluntary Simplicity by Duane Elgin is a great resource.

10. Fasting for part of your day once in a while may help you connect and understand the suffering of others better. It may also be healthy for you. Give the money you saved from skipping meals to a charity of your choice.

"The fact that we can't solve all the problems of the world does not absolve us of the responsibility of solving the ones we can."


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