Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Manners: How To Be Extra Nice and Spread Some Kindness Around

The Little Book Of Etiquette (Miniature Editions)Here are some ideas to show kindness to others...

1. If you are the first to get to a door, open it, go through it, and then smile while holding it for the next person(s) following you.

2. Let others off the elevator before you get on.

3. On crowded public transportation, offer your seat to someone who looks like they need it.

4. Keep your ipod music low.

5. Don't be loud in a movie theater.

6. If you must use a cell phone in an enclosed area make it short and keep your voice low.

7. Put things back where they belong if you decide not to buy them.

8. Always take your dishes to the kitchen sink, rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.

9. Thank those who prepared the meal.

10. At a restaurant, keep the conversation low and be respectful to the wait staff.

11. Do not take the last of something until you have asked if anyone else would like some.

12. Always stand up to introduce someone or when you are being introduced.

13. During the introduction, look them in the eye, smile, shake their hand and say their name.

14. When you call someone, ask if it is a good time to talk or if you should call back later.

15. Don't call people before 9AM or after 9:30PM.

16. Always give people their phone messages. Write them down.

17. Answer people's emails as soon as you can.

18. Do the things you told people you would do. Be reliable/dependable.

19. Be on time.

20. Do your best. Don't do a sloppy half-hearted job.

21. Don't ask people what they are doing or if they are free- give them room to be honest and let them know what you want to invite them to first.

22. Paying attention to your hygiene and appearance makes others feel comfortable around you.

23. If you spoil yourself you are in a better place to be kind to others. If you feel like an abused door mat your bitterness will spill over.

24. When a need comes up, offer to help in a way that you can.

25. Be generous with tips and hospitality.


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