Sunday, November 7, 2010

Create Your Own Bucket List: 1,001 Things To Do Before You Die

2,001 Things to Do Before You DieWrite your own bucket list and really live.

Your list doesn't need to include 1,001 things (or 2,001 things), but it should span your lifetime.

I will give you an example (this is my current bucket list)

Spend time writing, reading, join social groups/clubs, spend time with family and spouse, use less resources, exercise three times a week (yoga, gym, aerobics), keep my home clean and decluttered, pray daily, volunteer as a need I value arises, give to charity, collect and listen to music I love (itunes), don't buy material things unless needed, eat simple, organic food, donate blood regularly

Travel in Asia: China, Thailand, Cambodia, Saipan, Hong Kong, Hawaii
Travel in America: camping, family reunions, national parks, boating, Washington DC, Grand Canyon, Machu Pichu in Peru, Rio de Jainero in Brazil, Boston, Niagra Falls, New Orleans Mardi Gras, Mexico Day of the Dead, Caribean Sandles Resort, rent a beach house, California
Go on a retreat or two
Use the spa treatments at a hotel
Buy from Farmers Markets or pick my own fruit
Learn some songs on the piano
Travel in Europe (or move there and travel): Visit Germany (October Fest), Italy (Venice Carnival), England, Ireland, Greece, Morocco, Spain (la Tomatina), Pyramids of Egypt, France, Finland, Madagascar, Netherlands, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland
Do more writing, public speaking, build a website
Travel or move to New York City. See fashion shows, broadway musicals, parades, events, window shopping, restaurants, groups, museums, etc.
Join the Peace Corp
Help to build a community center
Live in the mountains somewhere.
Build a small, cabin in my back yard with a little garden - could be used as a private retreat or a children's playhouse
Continue to write, read, learn and all of the things I am currently doing


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