Sunday, November 21, 2010

6 Fun Social Activities To Do With Women Friends

Women's Personalized Friendship Coffee Mug1. Exercise: Yoga classes are great with friends- yoga can combine aerobics, toning, quieting the mind, meditation, spirituality and friend bonding, but any kind of exercise classes or exercise is fun to do with friends. I have also had a group of friends meet together to do exercise DVDS (all sorts). When I had small children I tried mall walking with strollers/babies while chatting with friends. I have also done water aerobics classes and just aerobic classes at the YWCA and the local gym. I have also just gone to the gym with friends. I know people who walk or jog together every morning. There are a lot of options here.

2. Shopping. I think shopping for a specific outfit for an event is the most fun, but I also like just browsing- looking at items, but not really buying anything. Sometimes it is the festive atmosphere of a mall or store that is fun. I like to go there for the environment, look around and get something to eat or a treat.

3. Restaurants. Trying out new restaurants or old favorites is always a fun girls night out or mid-week lunch.

4. Themed parties. My girlfriends and I have had 1980's parties, karaoke parties, birthday parties, baby showers and Halloween costume parties. Food, singing, games, etc.

5. Salon. Going to the salon together is always fun. You can get facials, your hair, your nails or any other beauty treatment.

6. Movies. It is especially fun to see a chick flick with the girls. No eye rolling from a date and you can simultaneously laugh and drool over the same parts.


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