Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 Easy Ideas To Bring Your Family Closer

Family Fun Night1. Have a weekly family night with a board game, a family discussion, a treat and a teaching moment.

2. Focus on your inward spirit of love and awareness of your own behavior so that you can draw others into that mood.

3. Every evening have a family "talk time" followed by a book or two read aloud (or part of a book if kids are older).

4. Make holiday decorations or cook/bake together.

5. Discuss some of your ancestor's stories.

6. Help with homework.

7. Clean the house together (give everyone a task and everyone who finishes gets a homemade treat after).

8. Watch favorite TV shows or movies together.

9. Pray for guidance with each child. Meditate and listen for ideas and answers.

10. Treat each family member as you want the family members to treat each other.

11. Work together to use less resources and consume less.

12. Have lit candles at the dinner- have everyone there.

13. Discuss school and other interests at dinner.

14. Talk about the movies and shows you watch.

15. Bring the kids with you out to dinner or shopping.

16. Play outside sports and games together as available.

17. Go on family trips and vacations.

18. Attend any event your kids are involved in if they want you there.

19. Do a family service project, or participate as a family in a service.

20. Plant a garden together.


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