Tuesday, November 23, 2010

18 Easy Ways To Volunteer or Spread Good Cheer

The Holidays are coming and many people feel that volunteering helps bring the Holiday Spirit.

Sometimes it is hard to find ways to make a difference.

Here are some easy ways to spread good cheer this season:

1. Donate blood

2. Choose a charity from CharityNavigator.com and make a donation

3. Volunteer through a church organization

4. Donate your clutter to a thrift store

5. Write down all of your friends and families birthdays on a New Years calendar so you won't forget them- then volunteer to throw a celebration for them

6. Commit to click here every day for a year

7. Make and give homemade treats to your friends and neighbors

8. Tip well

9. Volunteer in your child's school or at the local library

10. Volunteer to help someone move

11. Volunteer to watch someone's child(ren)

12. Google local volunteer organizations in your area

13. Send a shoebox for a child in need (Operation Christmas Child)

14. Donate some change to the Salvation Army Santas (or volunteer to be a Santa)

15. Consider volunteering at a local homeless shelter, nursing home or hospital

16. Join a holiday project group, or start your own

17. Volunteer to host a holiday party at your home and ask everyone to bring some canned food which you will donate to a local food pantry.

18. Ask that people donate money in your name to their favorite charity, instead of sending you a gift

Volunteering with friends and family can be fun!

What have you done for the holidays that was memorable?


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