Sunday, October 3, 2010

Identify Your Needs and Make Sure They Are Being Met

Your Needs MetThe first step towards feeling good is to identify your needs.

Most people have similar needs which may include:

  • nutritious food (and the occassional dessert!)
  • water (keep a safe bottle of tap water in the fridge for easy access)
  • touch (hugs, massage, sex, hand holding, etc.)
  • conversation with people you care about (girls night out, spouse, co-workers, clubs, groups, etc.)
  • solitude (we all need to be alone sometimes)
  • sufficient rest (at least 7 hrs.)
  • work (paid, volunteer or at home)
  • intellectual/mental stimulation (books, movies, classes)
  • health (low stress, access to care, time to recover)
  • positive self-image (believe people like you for who you are)
  • exercise (aerobics, toning, running, swimming, skiing, etc.)
  • hygeine (shower, clean clothes)
  • cleanliness/organization (be able to find things)
  • hobbies (anything that holds your interest)
  • spirtuality (personal virtues, values and a connection with God)
  • music (for all sorts of moods)
  • nature (view from a window, a hike or walk outdoors)
  • light (sunlight or full-spectrum lighting)
  • warmth (sufficient heat, clothes, shelter)
  • positive thoughts (so essential for health and wellness)
  • money management (even a little money, if spent well can go a long way)
  • child care (if you have children you need breaks and this is essential)
  • wise counselor, friend or parent (to help guide your choices)
  • helping others (with your time or money to help make the world a better place)

Identify what you need and work it into your life.


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