Thursday, October 14, 2010

Healthy Pleasures

Healthy PleasuresPleasure has often been associated with being "bad", but in the book "Healthy Pleasures" by Robert Ornstein and David Sobel, pleasures are not only good, but healthy for you.

The trick is to choose healthy pleasures. The authors suggest that a healthier person is one who indulges in pleasures, rather than one who sticks to all the health rules.

If you are eating vegetables and running daily, but don't have any friends or support system you may be less healthy than someone who doesn't exercise and eat perfectly, but is surrounded by good friends and family.

Here is a list of healthy pleasures you can incorporate into your life, for added enjoyment and health.

breath deeply
exercise in fun ways (dancing, swimming, walking, hiking, shopping, yard work, gardening, bowling, raking leaves, playing pool, roller blading, playing with kids, cleaning to music, etc.)
listen to music
savor meals
read enriching books
take some classes
teach someone something you love
bird watching
sit by a fire in fireplace
expect good things
be optimistic
watch sunrise or sunset
act crazy, silly
take a warm/hot bath
spring cleaning
create new outfits
be passionate about your family, work and home
spend time with people, invite them
blow off troubles
party often- especially during down times
take nothing too seriously
be enthusiastic about everything
smile and make others smile
think of positive affirmations
hang out with friends
dance and karaoke
have -do nothing days
go to the park in nature and watch people, animals
take a nap
eat a chocolate slowly
have special dessert days
bake apple pie or bread for the smell
buy sweet candles, air fresheners
watch uplifting or funny movies
help family members or friends
give to charity
drive to gorgeous views, or overlooks
run from negative thoughts
smell fresh flowers
appreciate cold drinks and full bellies
judge everyone well
cuddle, love
engage in meaningful work (meaningful to you)
indulge in fresh fruit
listen to the flow of a river
watch a glistening lake
stare at the trees rustling in the wind
eat natural, pure food
listen to nature sounds
take a boat on a river
visit a sunny, warm climate
listen to the rain outside while you read
keep windows open and sunlight in
invest in full-spectrum flourescent lights
sit outside in the early morning
believe in your own strong health
watch the clouds drift
go to the woods often
have indoor plants
get a pet (even a fish will do)
watch the waves on the ocean
view amazing art
make eye contact
keep learning new things
touch others
good conversation
give and receive massages
daily singing
play an instrument
window shop with someone
browse a book store or library
search for great finds at a thrift store
forgive everyone
play games

It seems true that those who have a lot, get more and those who have less, get worse off, so the key is to get more through your attitude, enthusiasm and action, in order to get the rich, healthy life you deserve.

Any other ideas?


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